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The Art of Orgasm – Ebook

It is the inherent desire and urge of every human being to meet his- or herself, the inner essence; and to arrive at a deeper fulfillment, liberated bliss and intensity through it.

This ebook will help you rediscover the orgasmic state of being. It is the manifestation of a free and expansive physical-physiological-emotional-spiritual state of consciousness that is the birthright of all living beings, and whose roots lie within yourself.

A sexual self-awareness map that, through its unconstrained, free vision, pushes aside the shame, fear, guilt and expectation surrounding the inherent vitality and pleasure that unconsciously permeates our society, our cultural heritage, and empowers us to live the honest, self-identical, cathartic and soul-conscious life that is the natural and instinctual expression of every human being.

This is a book that examines new sexual perspectives, breaking with traditional approaches, conditioned ideas and beliefs about orgasm and sexuality, and leading us to the essential foundations of the orgasmic experience.

A standard work on orgasm that helps us become aware of our resistances and unconscious patterns related to our sexuality, and supports us in empowering ourselves to connect most deeply with our full power potential, passion and pleasure.

Ebook format is PDF.

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